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Import & Export forms

C1600 - Summary declaration (of goods arrived from non EC countries)

Use form C1600 to record a declaration of goods which have arrived from non-EC countries

C384 (Vessels) - Private vessel - application for release or payment of customs duty, and VAT as applicable

Use form C384 (Vessels) to apply for release or payment of Customs Duty, and VAT on a private vessel

C1330 - Pleasure craft arriving from abroad - notice of non-release from customs control

Use form C1330 to notify us of pleasure craft arriving from abroad that will not be released from customs control

C1331 - Pleasure craft on non EC voyages - leaving the UK/arriving in the UK

Use form C1331 to declare items on a pleasure craft for non EC voyages leaving or arriving in the UK

C384 - Private motor vehicle - application for release on payment of customs duty, and VAT as applicable

Use from C384 to declare a motor vehicle for private use imported from outside the European Community

C515 - Bulk Importer Details

Use form C515 with the Single Administrative Document to provide bulk importer details

C515A - Bulk Exporter Details

Use form C515A to record bulk exports with the Single Administrative Document (SAD)

C516 - Registered Consignee Details

Use form C516 to record the details of the registered consignee for use with form the Single Administrative Document (SAD)

C595 - Application for certificate of entry for import or export

Use from C595 to apply for a certificate of entry for the import or export of goods.

C1221 - Notice of amendment to an export declaration containing a claim to export refund

Use form C1221 to report an amendment to a CAP export declaration

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