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Import & Export forms

C1247 - Information sheet INF8 - customs warehouses/free zones/free warehouses usual forms of handling

Use form C1247 to report the customs debt applicable to goods before usual forms of handling have been carried out in customs warehouses.

C1297 - Movement Certificate by Post (EUR2)

Use form C1297 to provide evidence of the originating status of goods exported from the UK, and claiming preferential duty admission to certain countries

C130 - Removal Note

Use form C130 if you would like approval to collect goods from a transit shed

C1335 - Declaration of Dutiable Goods

Use form C1335 to declare dutiable goods in addition to published duty free allowances

C1336 - Declaration of Departing Passengers

Passengers use form C1336 to declare goods being exported and reclaim any customs duty paid

C1331 - Pleasure craft on non EC voyages - leaving the UK/arriving in the UK

Use form C1331 to declare items on a pleasure craft for non EC voyages leaving or arriving in the UK

C1330 - Pleasure craft arriving from abroad - notice of non-release from customs control

Use form C1330 to notify us of pleasure craft arriving from abroad that will not be released from customs control

C384 (Vessels) - Private vessel - application for release or payment of customs duty, and VAT as applicable

Use form C384 (Vessels) to apply for release or payment of Customs Duty, and VAT on a private vessel

C1343 - Application for comprehensive guarantee and other simplifications: Community/common transit, Community status, TIR and control copy T5

Use form C1343 to apply for community/common transit, community status, TIR and control copy and T5 simplifications.

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