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Authorising an accountant to deal with HM Revenue & Customs for you

If you want an accountant to complete your tax return or deal with us on your behalf you'll need to complete form 64-8

How to set up client authorisations with HMRC - an introduction

Obtain and manage client authorisations using online services or paper forms 64-8 and FBI 2

Using HMRC paper forms to apply for client authorisation

How to apply for client authorisation using paper forms 64-8 and FBI 2, where to send the forms and how the process works

64-8 - Authorising your agent

Use form 64-8 to authorise HMRC to communicate with your tax representative about your tax affairs

64-8 helpcard

Through the Joint Inititiave on HMRC Service Delivery we have working with agent stakeholders on reviewing the paper 64-8 process. We have produced a helpcard which provides detailed guidance on submitting paper 64-8s.…

Get authorisation to act on a client's behalf

As a tax adviser or accountant, you must be formally authorised by an individual or a business to deal with their tax affairs

Using someone else to deal with HMRC on your behalf

Contacting us on behalf of someone else who finds it difficult to manage their own affairs

How to deal with HM Revenue & Customs for someone else

Contacting us on behalf of someone else who finds it difficult to manage their own affairs

What trust advice HMRC can and can't help with

What to expect when you contact HMRC - tax help they can and can't give and what information you need to have to hand

Customer contact and data security: contact with third parties: agents and accountants: ...

action to take when a 64-8 is recieed in the office, how the 64-8 is recorded

Introduction to Inheritance Tax and trusts

How and when Inheritance Tax applies to trusts - and when it doesn't

The Trust and Estate Tax Return: paper or online

How to register for online filing, commercial software you can use and where to send the paper return

Reporting trust changes and events to HMRC

Who to tell about trust changes - assets put into or taken out of trust, a trust ceases, address changes, other changes

How to fill in the Trust and Estate Tax Return

Step-by-step guide to preparing your trust return, forms you'll need, what to do if you have incomplete figures

Notifying HMRC about a new trust

Find out when and how you need to notify HM Revenue & Customs about a new trust and when you don't

Trusts: the basics

Understanding trusts and how they are used, meaning of settlor, trustee, beneficiary and trust property

Acting as a tax agent for a CIS contractor or subcontractor

The steps you need to take in order to act as a tax agent for clients working under CIS including how to get authorisation online

Business records checks

HMRC may check you're keeping the right business records - find out what happens if they do