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Completing forms P9D, P11D and P11D(b)

Tells you what benefits & expenses forms you complete at the end of the tax year, how to submit forms to HMRC and how to report you have no Class 1A due

Forms and publications for employers

Links for employers to download the most commonly used forms, tables and helpbooks when setting up and running a payroll system

Forms, rates, tools and news

Download forms and publications used in setting up and running a payroll system

Forms, rates, allowances and reliefs

Forms your company or organisation may need; Corporation Tax rates table; help to claim allowances and reliefs

End of Year Expenses and Benefits forms 2012-13

Information for employers about new online forms for reporting expenses and benefits paid to employees

VAT forms, rates, thresholds and Notices

Different rates of VAT, thresholds and limits for registration and accounting schemes, fuel scale charges, forms and Notices

Correcting errors in expenses and benefits reporting

Information for employers on what to do if you discover you've made an error on one of your expenses and benefits forms

Expenses and benefits: the basics

Employer guidance on what counts as an expense or benefit, tax & NICs rules, which forms to use, deadlines for filing and payments

Expenses and benefits

Information for employers on how to treat expenses & benefits you provide to employees - key tasks explained

EDI filing for large employers

If you're an employer with large volumes of payroll data, you can use EDI to securely share information and forms with HMRC

HMRC services for customers with particular needs

Find out about help for HMRC customers who have specialist needs or don't speak English and want advice or help in completing forms, forms in alternative formats or home visits

New Inheritance Tax forms IHT205(2011), IHT217 and IHT206(2011) Notes

New Inheritance Tax forms IHT205(2011), IHT217 and IHT206(2011) Notes published by HM Revenue & Customs on the 19 February 2014.

Forms to disclose tax avoidance schemes

Forms you must use to notify HMRC of a tax avoidance scheme, arrangement or proposal

New Inheritance Tax forms IHT400, IHT419 and IHT400 Notes

Updated forms and guidance notes published

New QROPS forms APSS 251 and APSS 253

New QROPS forms introduced as a result of regulation changes in Statutory Instrument 2259

Pension Schemes regulations - Statutory Instrument published and forms amended

Statutory Instrument 2259 published and affected pension schemes forms amended

New QROPS forms APSS 262 and APSS 263

New QROPS forms APSS 262 and APSS 263

New Inheritance Tax forms for Scottish Estates

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) have today published updated forms and guidance notes

Real Time Information and submitting forms P45 and P46 for 2012-13

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has received a number of queries from employers who have been mandated to operate PAYE in real time (RTI) on or before 6 April 2013

2012-13 forms P11D(b) and payslips - employers in the Real Time Information (RTI) pilot

A Whats new message to publicise that RTI Pilot employers may receive P11D(b) forms too late to meet the filing deadline